Millwork One Awarded Harvard – Dunster House project



  • Millwork One has been awarded “Dunster House”, the third river house project for Harvard University. “We look forward to another successful renovation at Harvard, this one with Turner Construction as the GC. Kierian Timberlake, architects who worked on Old Quincy and Leverett are here for Dunster. Dunster’s new and expanded social and common spaces include a technologically equipped “smart” classroom aimed at bringing faculty members and teaching into the House; an art studio and music-practice space; a grille-common room complex; a game room; a student kitchen; a lounge connected to the courtyard; and a seminar room. Much of the space for recreation, fitness, and exercise facilities will be created by converting existing squash courts to the new uses. A notable new feature is clusters of rooms along horizontal corridors, complementing the traditional vertical entryways; this feature improves circulation within the House, and, according to the architect and administrators, contributes to stronger connections among resident tutors and the students whom they advise.